Acupuncture For Pets

Dr Liz Fernandez DVM, CVA

Pedro (My Mom is Corey and my sister is Frances)

"Hi, my name is Pedro. I am a very cute 10-pound Chihuahua. I don’t remember much of my life before the night I got out of my yard and got lost. Then I was hit by a car and taken to the local emergency clinic for care. They told me I had a broken pelvis. All I know is that I hurt and could not walk. My people never came to get me so I went to the local shelter. Lucky for me I was adopted by one of the nice nurses who took care of me at the emergency clinic. Also lucky for me, one of the doctors working there was Dr. Fernandez. She really worked some magic with those tiny needles. The needles hurt just a little going in but then I really liked the feeling when she turned on the electroacupuncture. I would just take a deep breath and go to sleep. After every treatment I felt a lot better. I could walk better and was less painful. After about 5 treatments I thought I could jump from tall buildings but my new Mom said NO. She did let me finally go hiking with the big dogs. She thought she would have to carry me but I had no intention of being carried. I ran rings around all those big dogs!! I have a great life now and I owe a big thanks to Dr. Fernandez for all her knowledge and dedication."