Acupuncture For Pets

Dr Liz Fernandez DVM, CVA


"Frances is about a 7 year old Dobe. I was blessed when I was able to adopt her about 4 years ago. Last fall she had her spleen removed because it had a cancerous tumor on it. I was devastated emotionally, but Frances has been incredibly strong. She began a very rigorous chemotherapy regimen a week after her surgery. Dr. Fernandez began acupuncture treatments at the same time. (Her nausea from the chemo was dramatically improved after each acupuncture treatment.) This combination, I am convinced, gave her the best fighting chance of living cancer-free while balancing the harsh effects of the toxins she was receiving. It has been almost a year and Frances is doing great. Dr. Fernandez’ expertise and devotion was committed to Frances beyond her three months of chemotherapy. Above all expectations, was her kindness with me and understanding the emotions that come into play with making tough choices for the ones we love. I am grateful for the extended quality time I am having with my favorite girl."